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Contest packages just for you!

With Easy Cross Selling, you'll have private access to our exclusive cross-promotional contest packages. We provide everything you need to start generating leads instantly.

Dear Bank or Credit Union Professional:

I’m here to tell you about a proven system that guarantees you can immediately start generating cross sales leads without any cross sales training.

How Do You Do It?

It's done with a simple yet powerful promotional concept that is specifically designed for use several times each year, and works without fail every time. 

That system is called “Easy Cross Selling™”.  It takes the effort of cross selling off of your front-line employees and instead, lets our digital video merchandising system do the work for you. 

Now, before you say to yourself: "Oh, I've already seen this - it's just digital video in the lobby."  You owe it to yourself to discover how it works...

Here’s How It Works

When your customer walks to the teller window the teller simply informs them that you are offering a prize giveaway (we recommend offering a prize that has about a $500 value).

In order to qualify for a chance to win the prize, the teller hands an entry form to the customer which is filled out at a location away from the teller line.  

In order for their form to qualify for a chance to win the prize the customer watches your video screen and writes down the “password” that displays on the screen about every 45 to 60 seconds.

On the form, there are questions specifically related to the product you are promoting; and, an opportunity for your customer to request personal contact by one of your employees for follow-up. 

Easy Cross Selling Sample Results



Three-location Bank
3-week promotion

938 Entries

227 Email Addresses

125 Cross Sales Leads

Single-location Bank
3-week promotion

462 Entries

166 Email Addresses

67 Cross Sales Leads

Six-location Credit Union
2-week promotion

189 Entries

89 Email Addresses

98 Cross Sales Leads

What Can I Promote With This?

We surveyed over 1200 financial institutions across the country and they told us that the top three services they wanted to promote were:

  1. Mortgages of any type: whether it be new purchases, refinance or home equity

  2. Online services such as mobile banking, remote deposit capture and online bill pay

  3. Debit cards and specialty/rewards checking accounts

We created three complete packages that focus on these top promotional activities, and tested them in other financial institutions just like yours. Listed below is what the Easy Cross Selling system does for you.

What The Easy Cross Selling System
Does For You

  • Gathers key information, including your customer's email address, through a simple customizable entry form

  • Requires the participant to watch the video screen to find the password – this also exposes them to viewing other products and services that you are promoting

  • Allows participant to read and respond to several questions on the entry form that may trigger a response for permission-based follow-up  -  imagine… generating leads without cross-selling

  • Gives you permission to follow up with those participants who have requested that you contact them – this is the real power behind the system, they have asked YOU to contact THEM

  • You can now accurately assign those leads to the key people who will make a simple follow up call or visit – at the very least, this is a great opportunity to reinforce why they do business with you

  • You can instantly and accurately determine the payback of your direct marketing efforts

Notice how all of this is been done by a simple reference to a prize giveaway and the completion of an entry form?

No cross-selling has been done by your front-line employees, and yet you still generated leads that are permission-based, giving you an open door for follow-up and closure.

Best of all, this entire cross selling promotional tool box is included with our digital lobby video system for no extra charge and, it’s guaranteed.

So, if you do not immediately generate leads with these promotional tools you will receive a 100% refund of the purchase price of our digital video system, and we’ll give you $500.00 just for trying it.


Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson
OnHoldWorx/BankOnHold Corporation

P.S. We have a special limited-time offer, so please don't delay.


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“A God-Send For Me…”

“BankOnHold has been a god-send for me. I can manage on-hold messages and video feeds at four different branch locations right from my desk. The customer service available with these products is second to none! All my requests have been met with immediate action and follow through. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with BankOnHold. I wish all of my service providers were so wonderful to work with and provided such wonderful products! Thanks BankOnHold! You're the best!”

– Chris Huffman
First National Bank in Trinidad
Trinidad, CO

“After Talking With Many Digital Media Vendors, We Decided On BankOnHold and Are Very Glad We Did!”

“After talking with many digital media vendors, we decided on BankOnHold and are very glad we did! We knew their product would be easy to use because we have already been using their phone messaging system for quite some time. Their video system was just as easy! The message library contains everything we need for communicating with our customers. Uploading our own personalized video is a piece of cake too. I wear many hats in my job, so I'm pleased that BankOnHold has made this a simple task for me to complete, and is a professional and effective communication tool for our bank. THANK YOU!!!”

– Kelly Carter
Gifford State Bank
Gifford, IL

“Very Easy To Use”

“The system is very easy to use. I get comments from customers all the time about how professional it is. The video pieces are all very good quality. Best of all are the people servicing this product are very responsive and in tune with the industry and technology.”

– Bill Croak
First National Bank in Midwest City
Midwest City, OK

“Their Program Is Superior…”

“BankOnHold is the easiest system I have worked with thus far in my banking career. They provide such great material for you to use but also allow you to customize screens for your financial institution. Their program is superior and always provides prompt customer service!”

– Casey Rath
First National Bank in Ames
Ames, IA

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“…Award Winning Service… By Far the Best of Any Vendor I Have Ever Used”

“The programming is extremely easy and there are a multitude of produced clips from which to choose. But the best part of using VXP is the award winning service that the BankOnHold employees deliver - by far the best of any vendor I have ever used.”

– Lisa Romine
Omni National Bank
Atlanta, GA

“…Very Impressed With How Easy It Is To Use…”

“We are very impressed with how easy it is to use and the customer service is great. OnHoldWorx is very easy to work with. We are happy with the entire experience.”

–Sue Bat
Choice One Community Credit Union
Wilkes Barre, PA

“Our Members Love It! And, So Do We”

“Being a "Baby Boomer", the computer age is still scary to me. When we decided to look into a lobby screen product, I was scared to death. Believe me, I looked at some that even an engineer would have trouble programming. And, then along came BankOnHold! It is so simple to operate, fun to program and performs beautifully for us. Our members love it! And, so do we.”

–Jill Patterson
Union Square Credit Union
Wichita Falls, TX

“Being Able To Customize For Each Office Is Great”

“We have VXP in eight of our locations. Being able to customize for each office is great. The response time of their staff is also great. Anytime I have contacted them via email I get a response almost immediately. Keep up the good work!”

–Clark Sanders
First National Banking Company
Ash Flat, AR

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"Outstanding Customer Service And Client Support”

“OnHoldWorx is a company that stands behind their product with outstanding customer service and client support. They continue to impress me with their eagerness to complete requests and resolve any concerns in a timely manner. I highly recommend them to anyone or any company who values impeccable service along with a competitive price.”

Mia Brown
New Generations Federal Credit Union
Richmond, VA

“Some of Our Marketing Investments Fade Over Time, But This One Continues To Shine”

“BankOnHold has found a way to make a "captive audience" not feel captive. The scrolling messages amuse and inform waiting customers so that they barely notice the wait. Some of our marketing investments fade over time, but this one continues to shine. Our regular customers are always looking forward to what comes next.”

Brenda Bozeman
Merchants and Planters Bank
Raymond, MS

“Customers …Often Request More Information About The Products Being Displayed.”

“Our institution is pleased with the On-Hold programs we currently utilize. They are user friendly and more effective then we could have expected. Customers comment frequently on how much they enjoy the video and often request more information about the products being displayed.”

–Crystal Hollman
First National Bank
Columbus, NE

“I Am Routinely Asked About The Videos Running In Our Lobbies”

“The service we receive from BankOnHold in terms of product and staff support are exceptional. I am routinely asked about the videos running in our lobbies and refer them to BankOnHold without reservation.”

– Monty Long
Citizens Bank
Slayton, TX

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“…Easy To Set-Up and Manage”

“BankOnHold video service is easy to set-up and manage. The result look very professional, the customers enjoy being informed while they wait and it's cost effective.”

–Sandy Werner
First National Bank & Trust
Elk City, OK

“…Services With BankOnHold Are…So User Friendly and So Simple To Personalize”

“We truly love our new services with BankOnHold. We use both the telephone on hold service as well as the video service on our new lobby TV. They are so user friendly and so simple to personalize. We have found their technical support to be Johnny on the spot and so friendly and helpful. Our customers love these new services.”

–Jean R. Snyder
Sanborn Savings Bank
Sanborn, IA

“The Purchase Of The VXP Lobby Video System Was A No-Brainer”

“Based on our past experience with BankOnHold, the purchase of the VXP Lobby Video System was a no-brainer. BankOnHold is not just "best-in-class"...they are in a class all by themselves!”

–Dan Johnson
Payne County Bank
Perkins, OK

“It's Fast, Easy And Very Worthwhile!”

“BankOnHold's Video Cross Promotion is a great way to reach your customers. When you don't utilize your lobby space, you have a missed opportunity to promote your products to anyone walking in your branch. The program is so easy to use and has a library of contents which you can pull from. It's fast, easy and very worthwhile!”

–Kristin Underwood
State Bank & Trust
Waverly, IA

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“I Would Recommend This To Anyone.”

“Works great and very easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone.”

–Lacey Biffle
Quail Creek Bank
Oklahoma City, OK

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